Law enforcement


Range Operations

-Basic/ Advanced marksmanship

-Tactical shooting : Reloads, transitions, failure drills, movement

Movement to Threat

Providing departments with the means to perfect tactical movement SOP's with a variety of platforms to a threat 

Dynamic room entry

Utilizing mechanical, ballistic and explosive breaching methods. Providing real world based scenarios with universal training munitions, paintballs, role players, opposition forces and multiple target platforms


BLS classes, care under fire, extraction techniques  




Flat Ranges

Long Distance Multipurpose Ranges

Shoot Houses

Breaching Bays 



First Aid


Advanced Life Support

and more... call for details



Fully customized scenarios tailored for maximum training value as per each clients needs. Call for more details



Firearm Familiarization

Civilians will have the opportunity to receive familiarization lessons from trained professionals with their own personal weapons or can schedule lessons from a wide selection of our rifles and hand guns.

Basic Firearm Safety

Establishing a clear understanding how your firearm functions and operates. With a clear understanding individuals will better understand standard safety guidelines that will allow them to use their weapon safely and effectively. 

Basic Marksmanship

Key fundamentals in rifle and pistol marksmanship are a perishable and ever changing skill set. There are many different methods and techniques that can be used for effective shooting however the basic fundamentals typically remain the same. There are situations in which the basics no longer apply such as a disability that no longer allows you to operate your weapon the way you use too. The advantage of mastering basic fundamentals with cadre such as ours is that we provide a wide range of experience in many different aspects of shooting and can help you get back on target. With shooting being a skillset that requires routine maintenance, you will leave our training with a sound training plan to continue to improve your shooting on your own as well.   

Advanced Marksmanship

This is training designed for shooters who already have a working knowledge of the basics and are looking to develop real world applications. Within this training we work on accurate effective fire, shooting on the move, transitions and failure drills.

Vehicle and Home Defense

Customized per class training scenarios that allow us to help incorporate real world events that prepare you for the worst. We can modify training to include but not limit to live scenario based shoots to training simulations with opposition utilizing universal training munitions and or paintball. 

Active Shooter/ Crisis

A totally customized training established based off the needs and skill level of each client. We can range this from simple tips and techniques to improve your chances of survival, escape and evade the threat, consulting on creating a hard target environment to locating and stopping the threat.