Our team



The professionals within Black Pyramid come with many different individual skillsets acquired through the massive umbrella of special operations. Our members have been assigned to US Army Special Forces, Navy Seals, Para Rescue, Combat Controllers, Force Recon, Rangers as well as many civilian agencies. All team members have served in one of these elite units as well as the private sector in some capacity. 


We specialize in the following Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

· Active Shooter 

· Basic Firearm Fundamentals 

· Advanced Firearm Fundamentals

· Sniper/Counter Sniper

· Basic First Aid

· Basic Combat Life Saver

· Tactical Combat Casualty Care

· Mission Planning

· Intelligence Operations

· Convoy and Motorcades

· Offensive and Defensive Driving

· Off Road/ATV Skills and Maneuvers

· Breaching 

· Dynamic Room Entry and Tactics

· IED Defeat

· Search and Rescue

· Personnel Recovery

· Personal Security Detachments

· Security

· Land Navigation 

· Reconnaissance Fundamentals

· SERE principals